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Real estate without worries with Bolck Estate Agent Zevenaar

Now that the housing market is picking up again, the pressure on the housing market is also increasing again. Residential property is again being sold above the asking price and buyers are feeling the competition with other interested parties.

For most people, however, buying or selling homes and businesses is something they don’t do too often. So the chance that you’re missing something is enormous. In a tense market, how do you prevent closing a transaction that you will regret? By hiring someone to assist you. Someone who advises with an understanding of the facts and who is not led by emotion. That person is Bolck Makelaar Zevenaar.

20 years of experience
Bolck Makelaar Zevenaar has been the broker and appraiser in the De Liemers, Arnhem and Achterhoek region for twenty years. This region comprises both an urban and an agricultural environment, which leads to a considerable diversity in the demands of clients. That is why Bolck Makelaar Zevenaar, in addition to the purchase and sales support of homes and businesses, also specializes in the agricultural sector.

We have built up a broad network and are the expert when it comes to valuations of agricultural and rural real estate. We do not only look at the “stones”, but also at related matters, such as agricultural production rights.

We can also help with objections and expropriation cases. Such matters, where you have to deal with the government, are sometimes quite heavy. After all, you are dealing with a counterparty that has a lot of power. With Bolck Makelaar at your side, you’ll be a little stronger.

Family business
Bolck Makelaar Zevenaar is a real family business. We work on the basis of our love for the profession and we always work on the basis of personal attention and reliability. A permanent contact person (of course) is part of this.

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