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Product development assistance

When you get stuck in the development of a certain product, this can have several causes. The problem can be at the level of the smallest particles. For example, because they do not mix well. At Solids Solutions we specialize in particle and powder technology and conduct research in this area. We can identify the problem and propose a solution, so that your product functions in the desired way. You can also contact us for seminars and courses in the field of particle technology. We are happy to share our knowledge and findings with you.


Perform particle size analysis

Solids Solutions is based in Delft. This is where the laboratory is located where we continuously experiment and conduct research. Among other things, we analyse the size of certain particles to see whether they mix with other substances in the desired manner. If particles do not have the right size, segregation can take place. By means of a particle size analysis this can be determined. In addition, we also perform droplet size analyses. With this we can determine the right size of droplets, for a proper functioning of products such as sprays and medicines.


Determine BET surface area

In addition to powders and particles, Solids Solutions also focuses on solids. These often contain a certain degree of porosity, which can be measured by means of gas absorption. In most cases we use nitrogen for this, but with certain substances argon or carbon dioxide absorption provide a more accurate result. We use various techniques and instruments to determine the BET surface area of a porous substance, as well as the pore volume and pore size distribution. Are you stuck in the development process, or would you like to follow a seminar with colleagues on a specific subject? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.