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Plus size window mannequins in various models

Bonami offers a wide range of window mannequins for your shop. The first thing customers see, is often your window display. This is why it is important to showcase your products in the best way possible. The mannequins of this expert do just that. Do you own a store with plus size clothing? Then their full body plus size female mannequins are perfect. They also have mannequins for sports and maternity. Discover their different collections and find the perfect mannequin for your clothing or accessory shop!

The different collections of their plus size mannequins

They have various collections of plus size window mannequins, such as the Erin collection. With this collection, they make a difference and it is inspired by powerful women. They offer various busts and bodies in multiple colours. The Glamaga collection shows elegance through determination. These mannequins express powerful silhouettes that represent every women’s body posture. Bonami offers a suitable mannequin for every customer in the retail sector. Because they offer full body female, male and children mannequins, everyone can find a suitable mannequin for their shop. Most clothing shops offer both clothes for men and women, so it is important to showcase your clothing on the right mannequins. This attracts more customers.

Check out the mannequins this expert offers

Would you like to know more about the window mannequins this expert offers? Whether you would like to invest in full body female, male or children mannequins; this specialist has it all! Do you have questions about their products? They happily answer all your questions about their products and give you more information about the mannequins and all the options they offer. If you decide to buy a mannequin, you can choose the material, colour and finish. This way, you will obtain a mannequin that suits all your needs!