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Once in a while you need to clean you washing machine

Once in a while it is important that you clean the washing machine. If you have never done this before, you may notice that it is time for the clean laundry to have a peculiar odor that smells less fresh in addition to the smell of detergent. The washing machine itself can also emit an odor inside, and sometimes the clean laundry comes out even more dirty than how it went. So it’s time to clean the Siemens wasmachines! 

Cleaning the washing machine? Indeed, the device that does the laundry sometimes needs a wash itself. Consider for example the grease trap that is in the rubber part (the cuff edge) between the door and the machine. As a result, clean wax sometimes gets brown stains, which are not welcome anyway but especially stand out for white wax. Residues in the drawer where you put the detergent or in the soap dish, scale: cleaning the washing machine is not that bad.

  • Apart from cleaning the washing machine, it is important to always leave the door of the machine open after washing. This way the drum airs through and you immediately smell it when you have not done this.


If you want to clean the washing machine you will need about an hour. Does the wash have a strange odor when the machine is just ready? Then first try to run the machine at 90 degrees without washing. You can use a scoop of soda for this, and the high temperature (which is therefore NOT suitable for certain types of clothing) prevents fat lice. Ideally you do this twice a month, but to get it in your system you can start by washing towels or cotton bedding at 90 degrees every now and then.

  • Thoroughly clean the cuff edge with kitchen paper or toilet paper. The so-called fatty louse that is present here is what you have left after many washing runs at a low temperature in which the body fats, hair and skin flakes on the wax come into contact with the detergent.
  • The name has nothing to do with lice or other critters, but it can have a negative side effect on your laundry in the form of stains and a foul odor. Even if you do not want to thoroughly clean the washing machine every time, it is advisable to remove the fatty louse from the cuff edge more often. Does the washing machine not run completely empty or does the washing appear wetter than normal? This can also be due to fatty lice, so keep an eye on this.