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Normal racks or mezzanine floors?

Are you the owner of a big warehouse? Storage is something you often have to think about then. You want to grow with your company, but you can’t outgrow your warehouse. To keep your storage, generally speaking there are two options: normal racks or mezzanine floors. Which of these two are you using? 

Normal racks

Most warehouses use normal racks to keep their storage in. This makes perfect sense: racks can easily be customized and are very strong, meaning that they can carry products with a lot of weight. It’s very likely that you have some kind of order picking system in your warehouse, especially if you ship your orders from your warehouse. With normal racks, it’s very easy to give every product a certain location, which helps to automize your warehouse, increasing the efficiency of your work. 

Something you have to think about with racks is the placement of your products. Your employees have to be able to reach the products easily. Therefore, placing heavy products in a higher position isn’t very smart. Also, when using racks as your storage system, it’s smart to have staff that are able to drive a forklift. This doesn’t only make the order picking a lot easier, it also means that you can work as high up into your warehouse as you want.

Mezzanine floors

The biggest downside of normal racks is that they’re not flexible at all. Once you’ve placed them, it’s hard to move them. Mezzanine floors offer this exact flexibility! These floors can be installed in between already existing floors. They can carry up to 3500 kg per square meter, which makes them a perfect second option for your storage system. Just like normal racks, creating an order picking system in these floors is easy to manage. Because they’re often delivered with stairs, they’re easy to access as well.

If you order your mezzanine floor at Nolte Mezzanine, the floors are delivered as a construction kit. This gives you the flexibility you want! The floors are very easy to build, but just as easy to deconstruct, which means you decide when, where and how you want to use them. Nolte even customizes the floor in any aspect you can think of, meaning they slide perfectly into your warehouse. 

Which are you using?

The most important part of your answer to this question is having a plan with your warehouse. Get in touch with Nolte: they’ll happily give you advise!