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Nice fitness in Schagen

Always wanted to do a home workout? But you don’t know exactly what to do? I was inspired by a nice fitness class in Schagen at Yogaschool Alyna. You may be wondering: fitness at a Yoga school? How is that possible? Well that always comes when this fitness class is combined with Yoga. So it is a perfect combination between Fitness and Yoga and therefore very dynamic and very fun (if I do say so myself!).

What is yoga fit mix for fitness class?

This fitness class is perfect for you if you like a conscious way of moving. This sports lesson is all about controlling and controlling your muscles. Because yoga postures are done, you will also become more flexible. And what’s nice: it’s suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old!

What do I do during yoga fit mix?

You are mainly concerned with movement. Move in a conscious way, without going beyond your own limits. This may seem easy, but it is sometimes quite difficult to feel very clearly what your body needs. The lesson always starts with a bit of grounding and meditation. This is especially important to arrive in the moment again, to land again. Then you will do different exercises that feel comfortable for you.

What kind of exercises are done during this fitness class in Schagen?

You do different exercises. Think of: fitness exercises, yoga exercises, but also animal movements, or other fun new movements. The nice thing is, you’ve never done these moves before. It is sometimes quite a challenge to feel very consciously what your body is doing. You train different muscles than usual so you also feel that you are getting stronger. If you want to give this a try, you can always contact us.