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Looking for a new hairstyle? Here’s how to do it!

Don’t take a new and radical haircut lightly. If you are well prepared for changing your hairstyle, you will be able to tell your hairdresser exactly what your plans are! To help you prepare for your new look, here are a few important tips to work with. This way you’ll be sure your hairstyle will be taken care of, down to the last detail!

Find the right hairdresser for you

A great haircut needs to be done by the right barber. A good way to find the best hair stylist for you, is to ask your friends who they’ve gone to for those perfect contours. Expand your search on Google and Instagram to find the best hairdressers in your area. Do a search, be inspired, and find what you’re looking for. 

Be inspired

If you are planning a fresh haircut, it’d be a good idea to have a few suggestions before you sit on the barber’s chair. This way you won’t leave anything to chance and avoid unforeseen disappointment. Ofcourse, the magazines in the salon waiting room is a fantastic way to get inspiration from as well. Make sure to check out the social media accounts of professional hair stylists and make a list of your favourite haircuts. Decide what hair elements you would like to use and combine only the best aspects. It would also help to glimpse back in time and remember which hairstyles, lengths, colours and styles you liked and would be interesting to repeat. 

Provide a clear explanation 

Clear communication is essential before anything is done to your hair. This way you make sure that you and the hairdresser are on the same page. This will also separate what is achievable from what is ambitious. It would be wise to prepare some images of how you would like your hair to be. Furthermore, visit the hairdresser with your hair untreated, in order for the hairdresser to know  how the hair behaves when it’s dry. Also better be prepared for the possibility that the hairdresser may not agree with you. Try to take into account the professional opinion of the hair stylist and make a well-thought decision on what to do next. Decide whether you want to continue your haircut at another hairdresser or choose something different. After all, it’s your hairstyle, and what you decide is entirely your choice! 

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