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Barcelona is an Olympic

 Barcelona is an Olympic city that shows the world what it is about through sport. The city has a strong sporting history, dating back before the Olympic Games in 1992, and shows values of unity, effort, and commitment through all the sport that is available there. Sport can transform societies, free up emotions, and change the lives of people involved in the sport. Barcelonas dedication to sport can be seen all over the city. We have the Sport Festival (a film festival focusing on sport films), as well as the fourth-most sports-focused city in the world. Sports have been a part of Barcelonas culture for over 100 years. Barcelona has been the sporting capital of the world since the end of the 19th century, when the local community and sports clubs started to establish and organize sport as a leisure activity. In 1992, the city held the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were a very significant event in the history of Olympic sports. The flaming arrow is an image that we can never forget; it was used to light the Olympic cauldron back in 1992, marking the 30th anniversary of those Games. The Olympic Games were a milestone event in Barcelona that caused many of the spectacular sporting landmarks we see today, such as an Olympic Marina, the Olympic Ring, and one of the new neighborhoods built to house the athletes. The city truly was transformed by the Olympics, as evidenced by an exhibit called “Barcelona’92, the Impulse of a City,” which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Games. Not only were the Olympics a pivotal event in Barcelona sports history, sport itself plays a major role in the city. Barcelona is well-known for Futbol Club Barcelona, but also has teams competing in other sports, such as basketball, handball, and roller hockey. Barcelona is home to many famous athletes, including the brothers in basketball Gasol, Putellas in football Alexia, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario in tennis, Kilian Jornet in mountain running, Queralt Castellet in snow surfing, and Laia Sanz in the women’s division of the Dakar Rally. Barcelonas location and climate make it an ideal city for many sporting endeavors. Not only is FC Barcelona one of the best known football (soccer) clubs in the world, but there are several other sports clubs that were founded over a hundred years ago, including the Club de Polo, the Reial de Tennis, RCD Espanyol Club Atlètic Barceloneta. These show that sport can bring people together across social classes. There are so many options at the beach that everyone can find something they like to do. The sea offers a variety of water activities, as well as open-sea swimming. Some pools in the city offer beautiful views, while others were built for the Olympics. Runners can run in several different circuits, parks, and areas with great views, including Collserola and Montjuïc (the two green lungs of the city). There are more than 240 kilometers of bike lanes in the city, and cycling through Collserola Natural Park is a popular activity. The Ronda Verda is a 72-km circuit of roads and bike lanes, which surrounds the city. Visitors can explore the cities architectural and cultural heritage at their leisure, riding their bikes through the park. The Visitor Centre can provide more information about biking in the city, and even offer guided bike tours.

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