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Industrial tubes of the highest quality

When you are looking for industrial tubes, you are definitely searching for the best possible quality. Thanks to the developers at Merinox, a multinational with various branches all over Europe, it has become easy to find the best quality. They have a variety of industrial tubes, that can be applied in various specialized industries. In this article, you can learn a bit more about their renowned seamless tubes 400, one of their most versatile products.

Why these industrial tubes are worth the investment

Whether you are active in the chemical industry or marine engineering, whether you are building a steam generator or heat exchanger, these tubes do their job. They are fabricated using a very strong and resilient nickel-copper alloy. As such, they have a high resistance to alkaline salt and corrosion, and they can handle very high temperatures. The tubes this manufacturer produces, are of the highest possible quality, ideal for your company. They even provide solutions for odd-ball measurements so you can produce the best piece of engineering possible. Did you know they are one of the most important manufacturers, despite their relatively small size compared to their competitors? You can find a huge stock of tubes available for immediate shipping, tubes in various sizes and grades. Are you looking for straight tubing or coiled tubes? They have both!

Discover their best products

Did you know you can easily order with these productive manufacturers? Just contact Merinox via their website, order from stock or request a special-made order of industrial tubes according to your needs, and they ship it to your company as soon as possible. This way, you can continue and complete your project within the allotted time. When you are looking for high quality for your parts, you have found your long-term business partner in this expert!