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How to Promote Handmade Stuff eCommerce Stores as Personal Brands?

Making a brand out of handmade products can be really challenging. Here we bring you some fresh ideas and strategies to get going and make it happen.

Having a website on a platform like Shoplazza helps you implement your ideas and reach out to a large audience. You can keep track of your sales and see what strategy works for you.

This article would help you promote your artisanal products, which customers value over mass-produced goods.


1. Have Your Own Website

Anyone who wants to have their own personal brand of handmade products must have their own website. You can’t ignore the power of websites to reach a large number of audiences. This is the must-have thing, a box you should certainly tick.

Starting your first eCommerce website with Shopify or Shoplazza is a great choice. They have pre-set themes and free marketing tools to help your business grow.


2. Discover New Areas

Brainstorming ideas about different ways to sell your products can keep you ahead of the competition and enjoy continued success.

Having a store in a vibrant marketplace is a great idea because your products will have more reach. You can also put your products on Amazon Handmade, which will help you get more sales. Do not forget to market your products on social media and use email marketing, blogging, and even SMS marketing to reach the maximum audience. It is important to keep track of traffic from each channel to understand which platform to prioritize for marketing.

It started with Facebook, and then Instagram started pulling in customers. Now you will see a lot of people marketing on TikTok. In short, you need to explore different areas where you can put your products out there.


3. Track Your Leads

In marketing terms, it is called a “sales pipeline,” wherein you track what stage your lead is in before making a purchase. Becoming aware of this would help a seller make special offers at the crucial stage so that the customer doesn’t leave the cart.

Also, you don’t need to sell at each stage aggressively. If you make the transition from one step to the next easy, the customer will be happy to buy your product.


4. Never Follow the Mass-produced Product Marketing Formula

While handmade and mass-produced products can use the same platforms for selling, they target different customers, so the marketing strategies should be different.

Focus on the handmade product’s making story, which most mass producers do not do because their products do not necessarily have a story. You need to make the customers aware of the whole process to form a connection with the product. Taking follow-up with the customers who bought your product really helps. Because the customer who chose to buy a handmade product would keep it in a special place, unlike a mass-produced one.

Sometimes, the customers who connect with your story also support you in scaling up your production.


5. Create a Detailed marketing plan

You can reach out to potential customers by having a detailed marketing plan that helps grow your business. Forming goals in the marketing plan clarifies the areas you need to focus on.

You can set benchmarks in your marketing plan and work towards them, like increasing the number of followers by 100% on Instagram by the end of the year.

Allocating the right resources to the priority areas helps you ace the competition. This can only happen when you have a marketing plan.

(Contributed by Krati Bacharwar & Hermes Fang)