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How to grow muscles and lose weight at the same time

So you would like to grow muscles and lose weight at the same time? Chances are that you really don’t know where to begin. In order to help you a bit we have a few tips for you below.


First of all, let me say that the tips below are things that will help you. The real work will still have to be done by you.


1. Make use of some quality fitness supplements

To grow muscles and lose weight at the same time, you will need to adhere to a decent diet. But there’s actually more that you can do if you would go really strict in following your diet and consistent workouts. One of the things you can do is taking the best fatburner you can get your hands on.


2. Use less legal (but very effective) supplements

People with a notion of chemistry probably know that there are options out there that are very effective but not legal. These options are illegal for a reason. The side effects when using it on people are too severe to let people use them. However, it would be wrong not to let you know about these options. A very popular choice for people who want to lose weight and gain (or at least keep) their muscles, is Primobolan. Primobolan usually is used in combination with other options. Since it’s not legal, it often gets very expensive though. Your required dosage for one week can easily cost you over $20 (source:


3. Consider taking weight loss supplements

If your main goal is to lose weight, you might want to take at healthy weight loss supplements ( “gezonde afslankpillen” in Dutch) since these can give you that extra little push you need to really lose a lot of weight. Just make sure you choose the best ones available. Because there are several options that aren’t effective, like the ones from PRIMA.


4. Eat less calories. Burn more calories.

In theory, losing weight is quite easy. Just burn more calories than you eat. Obviously, reality is much harder than that. On top of that, you want to burn fat and not lose muscles. So make sure you eat enough proteins. These proteins are necessary for your muscles to recover after a workout. Optimal recovery is necessary so your muscles can grow to their full potential.