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How to build a sucessful crowdfunding campaign

 Hello, this is the online solution team, thank you for joining us. Today we will answer. Why should I promote my crowdfunding campaign? How can I use email marketing to attract potential donors? How do you plan an effective email marketing campaign? Suppose you have a crowdfunding campaign ready. How did you get this word out? This is not as easy as you think. The crowdfunding website has hosted thousands of campaigns, all competing for potential donors. Even if you have a great idea or product, it takes a lot of effort to get noticed.


Wait, why didn’t you put a project on the crowdfunding website in the first place to attract supporters? Yes, but the fact is that in today’s world, even Edison’s “sphere” idea can benefit from clever marketing plans. There are many marketing strategies, channels and platforms to choose from. What is the most effective strategy for attracting potential donors to participate in crowdfunding activities? Crowdfunding is not just about building brand awareness or gaining followers, but to gain momentum and quickly attract potential donors. Activities that hit the target of 30% to 50% or more within the first 48 hours increased funds on Indiegogo by an average of 47%. This means that all your pre-launch plans should focus on launch day. Achieving your goals within a limited time frame, using broader outreach strategies is not efficient. That’s why email works: it’s an active form of communication that allows you to talk directly to your target audience.


On average, people take longer to receive emails than tweets or messages because it is considered a more serious form of communication. This will give you time to explain the idea in detail and how it will benefit them. But how do you find someone to contact? The best email lists are made up of customers with whom you have a long-term relationship. First, send an email to your closest contacts, including family and friends. Send them personal information with a specific call-to-action or CTA to direct them to your campaign page. Then send the message to a larger group of contacts, such as colleagues and business partners. Once you have the support of these two groups, send messages to your peripheral contacts, such as your university’s alumni email list. You can build your email list by attending or hosting events. Connecting with the community is the first step in the most successful activity.


The hardest part about email marketing is getting people to actually open the email. Therefore, before considering the content of the email, think of a valid subject line for the email. A good email subject is simple, but it also references the story behind your idea. There’s no one way to think about it, but here are some tips: don’t talk about it in general, make it personal, and create a sense of urgency. The official email campaign should start a week before release and any communication should aim to build momentum and create expectations. One week before launch: Send an email to remind your audience of upcoming events and their qualifications for secret deals or special prizes. 3 days before launch: Send another email with transaction details and let your donors know the exact time of launch.


These early emails didn’t just help generate expectations. By specifying different price points before launch, you can measure people’s reactions and get a true market estimate of the value of your product. Tools If your email list is large, use an email platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. It allows you to send various emails and increase your email open rate. The early days of the crowdfunding campaign are critical to its success. Now is the time to take advantage of the momentum you created in the pre-launch phase. In the second week after launch, email everyone who hasn’t contributed yet


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