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How does a battery work?

Batteries, what do we do without them. You use more batteries than you can think of. We use batteries in our cars, the remote controls, our laptops, alarm clocks, phones, razors and so on. But the most of us, including myself, don’t even know how a battery works. I have sorted out how a battery works, as you can read in this article.

How a battery works

A battery stores electricity for future use. The electricity is stored between two different materials, for example en positive and a negative side. A chemical reaction occurs when the materials are are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid and water. The chemical reaction causes the build of electrons in the battery. A battery exists out of three parts, the positive and negative side of the battery and the electrolyte (the chemical reaction of sulfuric acid and water). The chemical reaction causes a difference between the positive and negative side of the battery. When you close the circuit of the battery with something like a wire the electricity will come out of the battery.

Tips for a longer life cycle of the battery

We all know the struggle of batteries running out of power really fast, but there are ways to improve the livecycle of the battery. You can improve the life cycle of the battery by using products like vanillex. But there are other ways to expand the life cycle of a battery. A few tips: do not discharge the battery until it is completely empty, don’t always fully charge the battery and last but not least store the battery at low temperature.