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High-grade marine equipment

If you need marine equipment for professional use, M.E.S. is your best bet. This supplier has been actively involved in rental, renovation and construction of deck equipment for decades. Therefore, they are the right company to help you get the mooring system(s) that you need. You can either purchase an item that is in stock from their warehouse location, or you can let them design a custom system for you. They wish to fulfil your every need pertaining to on-deck equipment.

Purchase or rent the systems you need

In their stock, you will find all kinds of useful systems for on- and offshore use. If the item is readily available from their warehouse, you will find it in their “in stock” brochure. The list of available products contains all the equipment you can order from this supplier. Do you have a temporary need for a specific item? They also offer you the option to rent a product from their stock. That way, you will not need to invest the full price in a piece of marine equipment that you might never use again. If the item you need is not listed on their website, or the item is, but it is not available in the right size, it is possible to have a product custom made. That way, it will seamlessly blend into your specific process and it will be exactly the right size for your pontoon or vessel.

Contact this supplier to place your order

Since M.E.S. has decades of experience with renting, selling and constructing marine equipment, they will be sure to meet your every need. Their offer contains all kinds of mooring systems, so feel free to take a look at their products and phone them or send them an e-mail to let them know which product(s) you are interested in.