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Groupage transport and road transport in Belgium: Frigo Group at the wheel

In the world of logistics and transport, Belgium plays a crucial role as a hub for goods flows in Europe. Within this complex network of distribution and delivery, groupage transport – where different loads from several customers are combined into one shipment – is an efficient solution. Based in the Netherlands, Frigo Group has positioned itself as a leading player in this sector, with a special focus on providing high-quality groupage transport services in Belgium and other countries in Europe.

Frigo Group: An overview

Frigo Group is known for its expertise in temperature-controlled transport and logistics solutions, mainly focused on the food industry. With an extensive network of facilities and a modern fleet of vehicles, the company has built a reputation for reliability and quality in the delivery of refrigerated and frozen goods.

Efficiency through groupage transport

Groupage transport offers numerous advantages, especially in a country like Belgium, where the logistics infrastructure is well developed but demand for flexible and cost-effective transport solutions remains high. Frigo Group uses advanced planning systems and logistics expertise to combine several partial loads into full freights, allowing customers to benefit from lower costs and more efficient use of transport capacity.

Temperature control and quality assurance

One of the crucial aspects of transporting refrigerated and frozen goods is maintaining the right temperature throughout the journey. Frigo Group invests heavily in state-of-the-art refrigeration technology and advanced monitoring systems to ensure that all cargo is transported under optimal conditions. This is especially important in the food industry, where product integrity is vital.

What options does the Frigo Group offer in freezing and storage?

The Frigo Group offers various options when it comes to road transport in Belgium. They have a modern cold store and trained personnel who ensure excellent quality when freezing fresh products. They have separate processing rooms where they receive and freeze fresh meat in compliance with all hygiene requirements. In addition, their freezing tunnels are used for quick freezing of various types of fish, such as matched herring. They can also freeze products further, for example potato products, fruit and bread, for customers requiring a delivery temperature lower than -18┬░Celsius. Customers can contact them for a no-obligation appointment about these services or to rent freezer storage or frozen storage space.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

As a modern transport company, Frigo Group recognises the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness in its operations. By optimising routes, using energy-efficient vehicles and implementing green initiatives, the company strives to minimise its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for the transport sector.

Future prospects

With the continued growth of the logistics sector and increasing demand for advanced transport solutions, Frigo Group continues to play a key role in facilitating efficient and reliable groupage transport services in Belgium. By continuing to invest in technology, infrastructure and human capital, the company is well positioned to maintain its leading position and further expand its services.