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Glamping by the sea

The idea of camping evokes different reactions. Some are overjoyed at the idea of being outside, cooking simple meals and doing all sorts of fun things. The other is frightened by the idea of sacrificing comfort and has nightmares about rainstorms, wet clothes and bugs in the tea.

Nowadays, however, camping is very different from what it was 20 or so years ago. Nowadays you can also camp in ready-made luxury camping accommodations. For example, a safari tent, with real beds and your own kitchen, a lodge or even a small and simple cottage. Glamping (glamorous camping) is what we call it.

Just as versatile as the accommodations in which you can enjoy glamping is the range of vacation parks where you can experience glamping. Take a stay on the coast. Whereas previously sea views were reserved for rich people with their own vacation homes, with glamping everyone can experience a vacation by the sea.

How great is that? Diving into the surf first thing in the morning and then having a nice breakfast with your toes in the sand, enjoying the sun and sea during the day, and at night an unobstructed view of the setting sun.

You can enjoy glamping by the sea almost anywhere on our coast in the Netherlands. From Callantsoog (NH) to Tholen (Z). And best of all: the offer of glamping by the sea in the Netherlands continues to grow!

Visit our site, explore the possibilities and book a wonderful short break, long weekend or summer vacation. Before long, you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs, “We’re going glamping; glamping by the sea!”