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Getting rid of anxiety

I just came across a great article about how to stop your panic attacks successfully. Use the translation function to read it. I myself have tried many different therapies, but nothing works as well as the method of Nick de Waard.

Nick de Waard is a Dutch expert in getting rid of panic attacks.

He uses the Golden Triangle, which means that you adjust both your diet and lifestyle and also meditate. I have now made a 5 month plan together with Nick and I am now in the second month. And man, what a difference!! I feel so much better already. The panic attacks are already a lot less and I already feel better than before my panic attacks.

Quite special because we are only two months further.

I’ve had panic attacks for about a year. Almost every week I am attacked by a panic attack and I find it very intense. I notice that because I meditate more often and can talk to Nick about my lifestyle, the panic attacks are already decreasing. I also learned that nutrition is very important. I thought food was literally food, but it turns out that many more things can feed us. For example, consider watching the news and such.

I watched a lot of heavy news and that gave me stress. I just wasn’t aware of that. Fortunately, nothing has given me insight into that. I find his method very ‘to-the-point’. It really brings you back to the core.

Luckily I’m more relaxed now and I want to say a big thank you to Nick. I can wholeheartedly recommend him if you suffer from panic attacks. You can always visit his website

You can always request a free introduction, I did that too and that helped me a lot. I’m happy! I just wanted to share that.

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