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Getting More Conversions by Improving Cart & Checkout Pages for Online Stores

Assuming your e-commerce or dropshipping store is attractive—your listing is optimized, visuals are appealing, and the visitor wants to buy—you’re still struggling with sales. You may think, if everything is perfect, then why don’t my store visitors convert? Well, it might be a problem with your cart and checkout pages.

The 2021 E-commerce Stats Report & Data-driven Decisions Report reveals that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 80.68%. It means 80 out of 100 people leave carts without completing the purchase. And if your abandonment rate is higher than expected, then you need to rethink your store’s strategy and work on improving your cart and checkout.

A user might leave your cart page due to these common issues:

  • Mandatory account creation/registration.
  • Unexpected shipping costs.
  • Not meeting free shipping criteria.
  • Hidden charges.
  • Limited payment methods.
  • The complicated and time-consuming checkout process.
  • No express shipping.
  • No coupon codes.
  • Technical errors.
  • Concerns about payment security.
  • Unsatisfactory return policy.
  • The credit card was declined.
  • Difficulty entering the address.
  • Poor customer support.

In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will help you enhance your cart and checkout pages and make them more customer-centric.


1. Keep the Checkout Process Simple

Ensure the checkout process is brief, simple, and not too demanding. Eliminate any unnecessary steps. Ideally, it should look like this:

  • Add products to the cart
  • Provide billing and shipping info
  • Complete payment for the order
  • Review and finalize


2. Allow for Guest Checkout

Don’t force customers to create an account and sign in to make a purchase. Let them continue as guests. You can still send a follow-up email to invite them to sign up for an account. The point is, don’t make the checkout process too complicated to make customers feel it’s not worth it finishing.


3. Add Quick and Easy Forms

Don’t make your users feel frustrated with cluttered or complicated forms. Make it easy and quick to fill out forms by only asking for the necessary information.

You can use autofill tool to speed things up; the autofill function will automatically fill in the details on the form.


4. Add a Mini Cart

Provide a quick view of the cart so that the shopper can easily see the items they’ve added and the total cost without visiting the checkout page. A mini cart will allow customers to shop mindfully, increasing the likelihood of completing a purchase.


5. Be Clear on the Total Cost

Hidden and unexpected costs will only frustrate customers. Make sure your total cost is clearly shown from the start to let the customer decide if they want to continue.


6. Offer Attractive Promos

People love special offers. Remember to give your potential customers enticing promos and discounts, such as 10% off on your first purchase, or sign up to get 15% off.

Make sure that promo and coupon codes are visible on your site. Promo popups on checkout pages may work wonders. Showing relevant popups when visitors leave your site may help reduce bounce rates and boost sales.


7. Ensure Security

Shoppers are always hesitant when it comes to providing their payment details. Your store should communicate trust signals and make the user feel secure.

Here are some tips to increase security:

  • Make reviews and ratings visible on your pages.
  • Tell the customers what measures you take to ensure the security of their sensitive data.
  • Add links to your privacy policy and payment safety pages.
  • Make the overall look and feel of your site trustworthy.


8. Provide Several Payment Options

Offer multiple payment options on your checkout pages, such as PayPal, bank cards, Google Pay, and more. The customer will immediately leave the page if they can’t find their preferred payment method or have no way to pay at all.


9. Play Up Free Shipping

Free shipping is a successful marketing tool that attracts many potential customers. Play with the tool to make your offerings more appealing to customers. For instance,

  • Place the “free shipping” button right above the “shop product” button.
  • Replace a discount with free shipping, for example, a $15 deal with $15 in free shipping.
  • Promote free shipping on your checkout page along with the home page.


10. Provide Multiple Shipping Options

Give the customer freedom to decide how soon they want to receive the order. You can also allow them to pay for shipping online, which may result in more conversions.



These are tips you can use to optimize and enhance your cart and checkout pages. Which strategy are you going to implement first in your Shoplazza eCommerce store? Let us know in the comments section.


(Contributed by Iram Ghafoor & Hermes Fang)