Fire up your barbecue or hearth thanks to ecological firelight manufacturers

No doubt you will have experienced it too: you are ready to light up the fireplace or the barbecue when somebody mentions that charcoal is bad for the environment and you should not be using it anymore. Luckily, you will never have to hear such comments anymore thanks to ecological firelights manufacturers such as Fire-Up International. This manufacturer offers green firelighters so you can enjoy that sumptuous barbecued meal on that first sunny day or enjoy that cosy warmth of the fireplace during winter. This Dutch company has over 30 years of experience with producing environment friendly firelighters that make it easy to start a fire in your stove, hearth or barbecue. So, no more messing about with old newspapers and such to get your fire lit.

What makes firelight manufacturers green?

You are looking for manufacturers of firelights that are ecological. But, how do you know whether these manufacturers and their products are environmentally friendly? Fire-Up International makes this clear. Their firelighters are made from renewable sources with a minimum of waste. Their firelighters are made from biomass that includes FSC-mixed wood and vegetable oil. These firelight manufacturers also avoid the use of petroleum and other toxic or ecologically harmful products. For instance, the firelighters contain no formaldehyde, kerosene or paraffin wax. This also means that they are not harmful if they were to come into contact with vegetation or aquatic organisms. Naturally, this means they are not harmful to humans either.

The benefits of firelight products from green manufacturers

So, why should you choose firelight products from green manufacturers such as Fire-Up International. As mentioned before, you will be getting a product with no ill effects on the environment. Also, these firelights are perfect for lighting up your barbecue, fireplace or stove. Additionally, they make it safe to do so as these firelighters ignite smoothly and are non-explosive. They are not oily and do not give off any unpleasant odours and burn for up to 20 minutes. A firelight form manufacturers such as this Dutch company can also be stored safely, even near foodstuff, without drying out. To summarize, there are only benefits to choosing these products.