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FIFA 21: What’s New In FUT

FIFA Ultimate Team 21 has been going strong since the release of FIFA 21. There are competitions centered on the mode, like FIFA Global series and CONMEBOL eLibertadores and eChampions League. Electronic Arts has been working on ways to make the mode more fun and improve its appeal towards the players. In this article, we will cover FUT 21 Freeze and FUT 21 Road to the Final. If you want to take some advantages of the winter event, you can head to U7BUY and sell FIFA 21 coins.

Road to the Final is a feature for FUT 21, that will allow for live dynamic player items that will get various updates according to their team’s progress through UEFA Champions League and Europa League. These are the two most prestigious football competitions involving clubs. Additionally, they feature some of the best football players in the world with millions of fans watching every game through the final.

The Road to the Final items gets a base upgrade as soon as the event starts. From that point onward, the player items will get further upgrades, as their team progresses through the Champions League and Europa League. The players will receive upgrades whether or not they play for their team during the different phases of the competition. However, leaving the team will prevent the player from getting new updates.

FUT Freeze is a holiday event for FUT 21 that will bring new content to the mode. Freeze special player items will come with position swaps and permanent upgrades, which will allow concerned players to have the right stats for their new position. The FUT Freeze Player items will give you new options to build your team as you see fit. FUT Freeze will also come with the med squad building challenges that will come with a second SBC that will allow you to get a loan version of the player and test him.

FUT freeze will also come with Team 3 of Road to the Final. The group stages for both the Champions and Europa League have come to an end and some player items have been demoted to the Europa League, while others will get new upgrades as their team continues to progress through the competition. Prime Icons will also be included in the game along with Icon Swaps#1.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)