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Dutch people reducing selling costs on all kind of houses

Nowadays investors are buying all kind of houses and they are buying houses for more than the owners asks for. Many investors are actually focussing on the Netherlands to invest in real estate, because the Dutch real estate prices are behind the prices in other area’s. Real Estate in area’s like Frankfurt, London, Paris are much higher and many companies want to move to the Netherlands for several reasons.

One reason is the development of the so called ‘randstad’ as the new city in Europe to let business grow as in London or Paris. The Netherlands has more potential, because there is still much space left for new business. Another reason is the Brexit. Because of the Brexit many companies from the United Kingdom wants to leave and move to new area’s with much potential. At this moment Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague has all necessary facilities, space for new companies and well developend employees. The Netherlands has a lot of international students and are well know for international students. There is a TU in Delft which is well known in the technical world and Rotterdam and Amsterdam has many business schools and universities.

Sons Real Estate for selling and buying real estate

Sons Real Estate is the company you might look for. Sons Real Estate is an allround real estate company in The Hague for real estate rental, development, education and trade. If you look a good partner to find the best real estate or to sell your property in The Randstad then you should take a look at the website. And also foor selling real estate you can let Sons Real Estate negotiate to get the best price for your house.

What does Sons Real Estate provide you?

We offer the best houses for employees and students. We offer rental but also to buy properties you are on the right company. The company operates from The Hague, but works in the whole country. And if we can’t help you out, we will deliver you the best option. We have a big network of investors, real estate companies and others.

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