Discover your way to a healthier life – physically and mentally

Will it be more exercise, better sleep, healthier eating or less stress? What suits you today? Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your well-being and health.

Where do I begin? 3 tips

  1. First think about why you want to change something in your life. What makes you less happy now? What do you want to achieve? For example, you want to become fitter so that you can play with your grandchildren. You want to suffer less from stress, so that you can enjoy your work again. Remind yourself regularly of this motivation.
  2. Investigate how the five lifestyle pillars are doing for you; nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and spirituality. Where is it going well and where can it be improved?
  3. Choose 1 of the pillars to focus on. Many people make the mistake of wanting to do everything at once. You cannot sustain that and can lead to disappointments. Start small: one concrete element is easier to handle. Below you will find concrete tips to get you started.

Lifestyle compass with 5 pillars

If you want to tackle your lifestyle, the following five elements are important: exercise, sleep, nutrition, stress and spirituality. These pillars have the most impact on your health and how you feel.

Move and live

  • No more excuses. Go to the gym three times a week? That is not necessarily necessary. You can also move in your own house. Warm up your body by walking up and down the stairs 5 times. Then use books as joints and your couch and chair as fitness attributes
  • Put the remote control in your gym shoe. There is no better reminder.
  • Loose yourself with Spotify. According to research by Harvard Health Publications you burn an average of 370 calories with an hour of dancing. Why would that not be possible in your own living room? Close the curtains, put on music that makes you happy and let go.
  • Your body is unique. Discover what works for you. Every day is a new opportunity.
  • Craving chips?You can fill up faster with nuts, seeds, seeds & avocado. And it’s tasty and healthy too. They contain unsaturated fats that can lower your cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • You are what you eat. Eat fresh and as little industrially processed products to which sugar and salt have been added as possible. No more packages and bags (and therefore more) and a limited amount of free sugars, which you find in cakes, cookies, soft drinks and cornflakes.
  • Get the forest in your house. And you feel more energetic & relaxed. All kinds of scientific studies show how good nature is for us. A walk in the woods works wonders for the level of stress in your body. Is it not possible to go outside for whatever reason? Bringing nature into your home (flowers, plants) can also help you experience less stress and feel more energetic.
  • Life can be hard. We all need some guidance sometimes. A spiritual medium can give you clarity, answers and insight. During a mediumship reading or a psychic medium reading you can get a new perspective on life and all you problems.
  • Throw out your Netflix. No screen 1 hour before you go to sleep.
  • You get a good night’s sleep during the day. The more you exercise and relax during the day, the better you sleep. That has to do with the stress hormone in your body. Adjusting in the evening to lower that hormone is too late.
  • What wakes you up? Your mobile has a bedroom ban. Buy an alarm clock (with bird sounds).
  • More than 9 hours of sleep is unhealthy. Too little sleep is not good, but not too much either. Sleeping seven or eight hours at set times seems the best.

Eat and enjoy

De-stress your body

Connect to your inner self

Sleep soundly