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Different types of inflatable SUP Boards

To find the ideal inflatable SUP Board it is important to know the difference between the different types of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards.
It is possible to get a crossover board that is suitable for multiple disciplines like surfing, racing, touring and just relaxing but also some specialty boards that are suited for one particular area of expertise. Below you see a list of the different types of SUP Boards and what their advantages are.

All Around SUP boards

  • The perfect choice for starters and people who do not have a lot of experience yet
  • Versatile and can be used in many different circumstances
  • The most common form of Stand Up Paddle boards
  • Family friendly and also easy to take along your dog

Surf SUP boards

  • The best choice for more advanced Stand Up Paddlers
  • For people who want more action on their Stand Up Paddle board
  • These SUP boards are less wide and less stable when they do not have high speeds
  • Very versatile and easy to take turns
  • Basicly large surf boards with a paddle

Touring SUP boards

  • Perfect choice for serious paddlers who are looking for a work out
  • Designed for long distances on flat water – sea, river and lakes
  • Made for maximum gliding distances and low resistance
  • Usually wide and stable enough for beginners

Race SUP boards

  • Designed for racing on any type of water
  • Extra long board with smaller width to reach high speeds and glide further
  • Suitable for beginners, but mostly made for experts and serious paddlers

Fishing SUP boards

  • Perfect choice for people that like to fish but do not want to invest in a boat or kayak
  • Fishing SUP boards have the most volume, so you stay high and dry on the water
  • Pre-installed rod holders and the option to attach your fish finder offer you the option to personlise your fishing experience.

Yoga SUP boards

  • Constructed for yoga, flat water paddling and all fitness workouts
  • Made for stability
  • Large deck offers a lot of room for yoga

Which size Stand Up Paddle Board do you need?
The answer to this question depends on your weight and your previous Stand Up Paddle board experience. Do not just look at the size but also take the volume into consideration. The wider, longer and thicker the board is, the more volume it will have. The more volume a SUP board has the more stable it will be in the water. Check out our SUP board purchase guide for beginners to find out which size SUP board is most suitable for you.
Starting paddlers would usually like to start on a board with more volume, since it offers additional stability and can support a higher weight. When you’re already more advanced in SUP boarding and have improved your balance and strength, you can try out a board with less volume. Then your old board will be great for friends and family!