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Determine if you are fit to fly with the help of an aeromedical examiner

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has set up a number of guidelines to ensure the safety of professional and recreational pilots, parachutists and cabin crew. One of their requirements is that a pilot is to be examined medically before being allowed to independently fly an aircraft. This examination is done by an aeromedical examiner such as Sky Medical Center. They will perform a number of health checks to medically validate you so that you can safely return to flying. Should you be unfit to fly, you will of course not receive medical validation. At any time you can return to Sky Medical Center for a new examination to check if you are fit to fly.

Fast service and an easily accessible examiner’s office

There are a number of reasons to choose for Sky Medical Center as your aeromedical examiner. Firstly, they are incredibly fast, which means you receive your medical validation in no time if you are deemed fit to fly. This way, you can resume your work as a pilot, parachutist or cabin crew member as quickly as possible. Next to that, they are easily accessible, located next to the terminal at Eindhoven Airport. This means you can easily reach them for aeromedical examinations. They offer all examinations necessary for your medical validation, which means they can certainly help you with your medical certificate.

Examinations with a great price-quality ratio

When you choose Sky Medical Center as your aeromedical examiner you are ensured of excellent service and an extensive examination that is in line with the EASA guidelines. Furthermore, they perform these examinations at sharp rates, so you do not have to break the bank for your medical examination. If they deem you fit to fly, they will provide you with your medical certificate straight away and you can resume flying quickly. Contact them today to schedule your next medical examination.