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Content Marketing Channels to Boost Traffic for Your E-commerce Website

It might seem like some e-commerce businesses have got luck on their side regarding content marketing. Several influencers share their blog posts on social media. And they get a large number of leads. All of this is because their content is good.

While you, on the other hand, spend several hours trying to create content for your audience, it looks like your efforts aren’t enough. Do you get less traffic compared to the energy you put into creating content? Do not give up. These are the top five content marketing channels for your e-commerce business to get more traffic.



To maximize the effect of your content, create a strategy for distributing your content throughout your owned channels to maximize its effectiveness. You can increase interaction by sharing your content on your social networking profiles.

You may, for instance, include tweetable excerpts from your essay that contain some insightful and practical information. Utilizing services like ClickToTweet, readers of your extracts are given a link to their Twitter accounts, where they may spread your content. By doing this, you streamline the sharing process and allow your viewers to share your information on their own.


Email Newsletters

Another content marketing channel you can use to share your content and interact with your audience is an email newsletter. It’s a direct method of informing those who are already familiar with your brand about information and news regarding your business.

Although some content marketers debate email marketing’s effectiveness, most dropshipping businesses use it as part of their content marketing plan. Follow these steps to create an engaging newsletter that will increase traffic to your e-commerce website:

  • Include infographics, GIFs, and videos in your newsletter.
  • Make sure you add catchy headlines and meaningful emails to attract your audience.



Research shows that about 93% of human communication is done through visual content. Infographics are a way of sharing visual content and are a great content distribution channel. Infographics are easy to understand and digest, and they contain valuable information. Many  have third-party apps to help you create meaningful infographics to enlighten your readers.

Infographics can be based on published articles. You can share facts about some of your blog posts. Infographics work perfectly with social media like LinkedIn and Twitter because attractive visual stats are more likely to convert as the audience scrolls through your page.



Ebooks are a great way of distributing your content to get more traffic to your online store. Ebooks have proven helpful for promoting content for companies. If written well, they may be a powerful tool for attracting readers, generating leads, and expanding your audience. And every one of these benefits is essential for your content marketing strategy.

Ebooks also assist in establishing your business’s legitimacy and raising brand awareness. According to statistics, 63% of consumers would only purchase an authentic brand. As a result, publishing an ebook that provides your readers with in-depth knowledge on a topic of interest to them establishes your credibility.



Videos are part of our daily lives. Studies show that about 500 million internet users watch videos online every day. So use this advantage and include it in your content marketing strategy to get more traffic for your e-commerce store. Ensure you add a call to action in the videos so the audience can be directed to your website.

You can share your videos on several platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo. You can also share it across your various social media channels.


Earned Media Channels

These channels are also known as “shared channels” because they involve people sharing your content. It can be in the media coverage, guest posts, and other methods. Everyone who distributes your content on these platforms does so for free. Hence the term “earned.”

One of the most challenging things to achieve on social media is being promoted and endorsed through earned media. Although it takes a lot of work from you, many people trust these recommendations. However, it is the most valuable because of its potential reach and credibility. Your e-commerce business will prosper whether users or brands share your content.


Final Thoughts

If your e-commerce website isn’t getting enough traffic, you should try a different marketing channel. The content marketing channels discussed above are some of the most effective options. Use one or a combination of them to gain more traffic and increase your conversions.


(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)