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Chakra meditation and visualization – restore balance in your chakras

When you work with energy, it is very important to ground yourself and set up a space where you feel safe and comfortable. If you are already familiar with how the chakra system works on your body, you can start practicing opening and closing your chakras.

The chakras normally open and close in a natural way, but it is the case that in most people a chakra is too open or closed, causing the natural balance to be disrupted. By regularly doing the exercises below you can restore the balance in your chakras, so that they open or close naturally depending on the situation you are in.

There are different ways to open your chakras, for example:

–        through visualization (where you do it yourself)

–        with the help of angels (try to get contact with spirit guides)

–        crystals

–        energetic instruments such as ascension or biogenesis

–        reiki or other forms of energy healing

Chakra meditation and visualization

I know from experience that most people can visualize the center of a chakra in the shape of a rose. When the chakra is closed, you can visualize the rose as a small golden bud. If you want to open a chakra you can visualize the bud opening slowly and the petals of the rose starting to unfold. Give this visualization a try and find out if this is for you. You can also use Reiki energy to balance and harmonize chakras.

If you want to start opening and closing your chakras, sit in a quiet place and ground yourself, feel your center. Then bring your attention to where your base chakra sits at the bottom of your spine. Visualize a beautiful golden rose bud that slowly unfolds, the petals become more and more visible. Then you repeat this visualization for all other chakras, opening them one by one from the bottom up. In the meantime, feel what is happening in your body as you pass these points in your body.

If you want to close a chakra, visualize the golden rose slowly turning into a small rose bud. Doing this exercise regularly can give you a lot of support.