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Build your own van

Factory campers are almost no longer available. There is currently a huge run on motorhomes. More and more people are seeing the great benefits of traveling with a motorhome. Due to the high energy prices, flying is becoming more and more expensive and with the arrival of electric motorhomes and the relatively cheap fuel prices for a motorhome, more and more people are opting for a motorhome.

But because it is currently difficult to come by, it is increasingly being considered to build a camper yourself. This is quite simple and anyone who is a bit creative should be able to do this. So are the two motorhome construction experts from by NOMADS. They have already built two campers. While they had no prior experience building a camper. At the most, they had put together an IKEA cabinet once.

This indicates that in principle everyone can build their own motorhome. Of course there are always things that you may want to outsource. Such as the electricity part in a camper. This requires a bit more expertise and moreover it is dangerous if you do not handle this carefully. That is why they also recommend that you always do this by an expert if you do not feel comfortable with it. And always have it checked by an expert.

They have also chosen to have the parking heater and air conditioning installed by another party. They just wanted this to be done right and not for things to possibly catch fire on a wrong installation. Furthermore, building a camper is actually quite easy to do yourself.

Fortunately, the two camper building experts at by NOMADS have documented their entire camper build of their second camper in blogs, videos and ebooks. You can download and view all of these on the by NOMADS website. They’ve even written a free ebook that walks you through building a motorhome from start to finish.