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Benefits of permanent hair removal in Amsterdam

Do you also suffer from unwanted hair growth? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a method with which a final hair reduction of almost 100% can be achieved. Skin therapists have a lot of experience in working permanent hair removal in Amsterdam. One condition for relieving the disturbing hair growth with IPL: the hair must be pigmented.


How does permanent hair removal in Amsterdam work?


Permanent hair removal in Amsterdam has been used for several years. This modern technique uses a flash lamp that emits a powerful flash. This flash light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair and then converted into heat. When the hair absorbs the flash light, the hair follicle and hair bulb are damaged. However, this process is not harmful to the skin itself, but it does prevent new hairs from growing back. The treatment is applied to unwanted hair on the face or body.


The advantages of an IPL treatment

A permanent hair removal in Amsterdam treatment offers you numerous advantages. Hairs are permanently removed and only the hairs are treated, leaving the surrounding skin intact. You no longer suffer from skin irritations after shaving or waxing and daily hair removal with tweezers is no longer necessary. The structure of the skin becomes smoother, you no longer have stubble and no inflammation due to ingrown hairs. In addition, you avoid costs for purchasing razor blades and you feel more confident without the unwanted hair growth.


Depilatory advice and rules of life

It is important that the hair is not pulled out for a treatment, because then no flash light can be absorbed. From six weeks before the treatment, the hair should only be cut or shaved. Other hair removal methods such as waxing, epilation or depilatory creams are not allowed. You must shave in advance on the day of treatment. The treated area should be protected from the sun four weeks before and after treatment.