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Automatic doors for hospitals

Anyone looking for automatic doors will soon end up at For over 30 years, we have been offering a suitable solution to anyone looking for automatic doors. From automatic opening gates to automatic revolving doors for hotels and institutions. We provide installation, maintenance and repair of any type of automatic door.

Hospitals and medical institutions are a specific target group when it comes to automatic doors. Most companies want automatic doors that welcome visitors. For the public areas of medical institutions, this demand is no different. Even at high visitor flows (during visiting hours, for example), automatic revolving doors work perfectly.

Specialty departments
Unlike stores, however, hospitals also have to deal with departments where the public is not welcome. Due to the high requirements for hygiene and sterility, conventional access systems (such as with passes or “drops”) are also less suitable for hospitals. Think of intensive care, the radiology department or operating rooms.

We provide hospitals with special automatic doors. For example, we provide the X-ray department or radiology doors in which a radiation-resistant lead layer is applied, and we provide rooms with doors that allow only authorized personnel. For this, we can use an access system that remotely recognizes who is approaching the door.

Ask for advice
Are you looking for automatic swing doors or automatic sliding doors and standard solutions do not meet your specific situation? Then contact us for an interview, during which we will think with you about an affordable customized solution. We will be happy to prepare a quotation that includes all of your specific requirements.