Are you aware of the differences between tax returns in the US and tax returns in the Netherlands?

Have you already made have made an appeal on the knowledge of Witlox International Tax Advice? Many expats asked for their support in the last years. This expert in international taxes is helping expats with their US and Dutch tax returns since 2000. This experience means that the professional advisors at Witlox are well aware of the obstacles that expats have to deal with. Filling out the forms by yourself is no easy task and if you make a mistake, chances are you will be looking at a pretty hefty additional collection later on in the future. Prevent this by contacting Witlox International Tax Advice today, and make an appointment with a highly experienced tax advisor. While you are at it, inform about the possibilities for education and work visa as well. Knowing is half the battle after all.

Full service from a trusted company when filling out US tax returns in the Netherlands

It is not surprising that it is difficult to fill out your tax returns in a proper way. Are you a US expat living in the Netherlands? Witlox International Tax Advice offers you full service when filling out your tax returns. What exactly is ‘full service’? You will receive accurate assistance with all social and economic matters that might be applicable to your situation. Besides US tax returns in the Netherlands, Witlox helps you to find your way in requiring the correct work permit, provides information about school enrolments, visa, and much more!

Professional assistance with filling out your US tax returns in the Netherlands

Are you working as an American for a Dutch company and living in the Netherlands? You might have noticed some differences between those countries. For example, tax returns in the Netherlands are processed very differently. Witlox International Tax Advice is a Netherlands based company that assists expats with their tax returns. In many cases a properly filled out tax return results in a higher nett salary for you as an employee. They can assist you filling out all your tax forms. Care to know more? Contact Witlox International Tax Advice and find out how what services are applicable to your situation.