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Are log Houses Warm Enough?


The reasons why our ancestors opted for wood as housing material are numerous. Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, wood has some unique properties. For example, the wood is durable, a good insulator and a renewable energy resource.


The log house trend is becoming popular again because of its unmatchable properties. So, if you’re worried about winters, then dive into the article to know the science behind the science of wood. Let’s have a look.


Why is Wood an Excellent Insulator?


Let’s have a look at some unique properties of wood.


Presence of air Pockets


The cellular structure of wood contains air pockets that function as a natural insulator. The insulating designs of wood allow it to cool or heat up quickly. Hence, it’s very energy efficient.

Wood is a better insulator than masonry, steel and even aluminium. So, the unique property of insulation and residential log cabin UK lets the heat retain for a longer time.


It’s Hygroscopic


The wood is naturally hygroscopic, which means it holds moisture. So, humidity plays a significant role as the relative humidity increases warmth in a place. So, this attribute makes it very warm and cosy in winter.


The Heat Battery Effect


This is a unique phenomenon in log houses that keeps them warm. The log cabins work as batteries. In the daytime, they store heat from sunlight. Also, they combine warmth from inside the house from furnaces and heating equipment. At night they slowly release the heat to make the cold night warmer. The battery effect is convenient and applicable only in wooden houses.


How to keep Your log Houses warmer?


The residential log houses are a dream come true. The log houses look so classic and are easy to maintain. Although wood is a good insulator, you need additional insulation in some homes. To make it winter-proof, you can:


Consider Thickness of Wood


The R-value is equal to the thickness of the log. The more R-value means more resistance. So, pick a material with a higher R-value. Logs around 6 inches would then have an R-value of about 8, which is pretty good.


Assembly of Wood


The logs must be significant and should have no gaps. Next, you must check and see if there are no gaps. The thickness, assembly and size matter a lot. It increases insulation and makes your home more winter-friendly.


Use External Insulation


Using external insulation like foam is an excellent way to stop air leaks. The foams are readily available, very lightweight and easy to install. Also, you can use expanding foam foil spray. It reaches in minute gaps in wooden logs and seals them.


The external insulation in front of the fireplace, electrical equipment etc., are also sufficient. The wooden house will warm up readily and never let you feel chilled for a second.


Let’s Wrap it


The log cabins indeed give a feeling of home as they are so cosy, easy to maintain and beautiful. The unique properties of wood make it a good insulator. You have to recheck the house for no air leaks, and you’re good to go. Bring in external heating elements, and wooden houses warm up faster.