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A professional car import from the USA with a personal approach

Have you spotted the car of your dreams in a foreign country and do you want to arrange an import process from this country? It will be easier than you think with the services of Marlog Car Handling, because this company has the expertise to make your car import a success. The USA, for example, is a country where many cars catch the attention of car enthusiasts from abroad. However, there are some rules that you have to take into account, such as the legal characteristics of the cars in comparison with those in your own country. Also, the import legislations can be complicated, which can constrain the import process and extend waiting times. In short, a specialist like Marlog Car Handling is what you need to make sure the car import from the USA runs smoothly.

An import process based on your situation and preferences

This company ensures every customer a professional and efficient car import from the USA. They guarantee this by arranging a complete and structured import process. This means that they cooperate within a car trade network which has the experience to manage the paperwork and connect with the right parties. You may count on a complete service and a carefree car import from the USA. Do you want to outsource a part of the car import process? That is also a possibility that Marlog Car Handling offers. For example, you can choose professional shipping while you have arranged all the documents by yourself, or vice versa.

Make a call for more information

Marlog Car Handling has built a lot of experience in the car trading field since 2000 and has the knowledge of all the aspects that play a role in importing cars from foreign countries. Are you interested to import your car from the USA or another country, like Japan or Australia? Do not hesitate to enquire after the possibilities by calling Marlog Car Handling. Its specialists are happy to give you all the necessary information in your situation, based on your specific interests.