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A Guide to IT Assets Disposition: What it entails

As advancements in new technology and ICT progresses, the challenge in replacing retiring or obsolete machines intensifies. While it is necessary for companies to keep data safe and compliant, it is also important to consider both environmental and financial factors in perspective. The simple option of disposing them or sending them to the shredder or scrapheap is no longer viable. This function, therefore, requires an ITAD service provider. In this article, we shall outline and explain what asset disposition entails, and its benefits to the company and the environment at large.

IT asset disposition is a business involving the disposition of obsolete and unwanted IT equipment in a safe and responsible manner. The vendors in this sector specialize in the smooth disposition of the IT assets, while ensuring that the costs are maintained at minimal, but maximizing retrieval of losses. Most businesses are usually faced with the decision to refurbish or resell, recycle or dispose of its equipment. This possesses a huge challenge within an organization since its staff is not equipped to handle such daunting tasks. Therefore, seeking the services of a disposing firm is always a good idea.

Why you need this service

  • Your old equipment may contain sensitive and confidential data.
    When business data is leaked outside a company, it causes a big threat since it may fall into wrong hands. Even with the standard erasure procedures, the risk is just too big when disposing of your equipment. When a specialized vendor is contracted, they ensure 100% total destruction of data carriers. These vendors are normally certified in data erasure and in hard drive destruction, therefore you do not need to worry about leaked business information.
  • Safe disposal of your equipment.
    With major ITAD service providers, they all ensure that all redundant machines are either reused or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Some vendors go an extra mile in providing a client with an environmental certificate.
  • Residual value or donation?
    With a good service provider, it is possible to realize sufficient residual value for your written off hardware. With a nice return, your company is assured to reduce its IT costs. Moreover, one can also donate some of the revenue to a charity course of his choice. Some ITAD vendors can also refer you to reputable donation centers.

Roles of ITADs.

All ITAD service vendors exist in responding to the following issues.

  • To safeguard against leakage of data.
  • To properly dispose of sensitive materials to the environment.
  • Advice on socially responsible disposal of equipment.
  • Inform on ecological sensitive components disposal as it is not common knowledge among the public.

Companies stand to benefit greatly from proper asset disposal. Through this process, the company can recoup losses in environmental fees and offset costs in purchasing new equipment through recycling or resell. For instance, it is possible to recycle gold from motherboards. Be ahead of the game and advocate for robust methods and solutions in ITAD for the long term success of your company.