6 Tips To Use Heat Pumps in Glasgow Effectively


Heating offices and homes in Glasgow, Scotland can at times be a costly undertaking. Especially if you don’t make the most out of your heat pumps.

Even as we transition from the old, inefficient, and energy-sucking methods to modern and affordable heating options, the cost implication for warming up spaces is still a problematic issue for users.

Debates about the cost-effectiveness of heating commercial and domestic spaces notwithstanding, the steady rise in the heat pumps installation in Glasgow and throughout Scotland reaffirms that their advantages clearly outweigh the initial investment.

Heat pumps are indeed a growing trend especially in regions that experience long periods of cold weather. The fact that they use electricity to move heat around rather than create it makes them more efficient, cheaper.

Most real estate and commercial space developers are increasingly installing modern heat pumps due to their long-term cost benefits.

In terms of savings, heat pumps are reported to save companies up to 50 percent in energy costs.

Heat pumps are so effective that it has been reported that the UK government is now aiming for around 500,000 installations over the next five years. And with the increased regulatory measures to significantly reduce carbon emissions as well as encourage the adoption and use of renewable energy sources, heat pumps are now your best bet.

Heat pumps have become ideal for offices and homes especially during the unpredictable weather patterns caused by global warming.Their ability to warm and cool spaces means that you only need one system on your premises.

Heat pumps are also particularly suitable for underfloor heating especially for climate found in countries like Scotland.

Professionally installed heat pumps also provide effective control over room temperature. This means you can instantly heat or cool specific areas to ensure thermal comfort for everyone. Need more heat in the baby’s room that in the living room? No problem!

But even with all these benefits, many are still not aware of how to use heat pumps effectively and save on energy costs in the long run. If you’re looking to install heat pumps in Scotland either for your home or your office, take a look at these 6 tips to help you make the most of your new investment.

  1. Insulate

In order to get the most out of your heat pump, you must make sure that you insulate your premises. This ensures that heat is kept within the confines of your space and that no heat escapes. This also means that your heat pump will operate normally and consistently without straining to keep your office or home warmed up.

Sections that are notorious for letting heat escape include ceilings, doors, window, and vents. You need to insulate the ceiling with the right material and ensure that you seal all spaces that can cause heat to escape. By doing so, your heat pump will not have to unnecessarily work longer to keep your space all warmed up.

  1. Apply the 15-Minute Rule

A common mistake most consumers do is cranking up the heat pump as soon as they get into a room. Setting it to maximum will not necessarily warm up your space faster. What it does is only use more energy to get to the desired temperature. It is highly recommended that you program it to turn on at least 15 minutes before you use a certain room. It is also advisable to keep the setting between 18 and 20 ºC.

  1. Clean It Regularly

For any equipment to work optimally, it needs to be clean at all times. This rule also applies to Glasgow heat pump owners. Make sure that you regularly clean both the outdoor and indoor units in order to prevent dust and dirt buildup that might cause the unit not to operate smoothly. You should also clean outdoor coils while at it.

Dust accumulation in sensitive parts such as filters can cause the heat pump to use more energy than required. As an important part that is used to clean the air, filters should ideally be checked and cleaned at least once a month. It is also important to replace the filters and allergen cartridges as recommended by the manufacturer. You should also clear up debris such as leaves around the outdoor unit in order not to block airflow and always check for snow or ice buildup during the winter season.

  1. Only Heat (or Cool) Spaces You Use

Another way to use your heat pump effectively is to only heat (or cool) the rooms that you will be using. There’s absolutely no need to turn it on in rooms that you will not be using at all or that you need to use much later. If repeated regularly, this mistake can significantly affect your energy bills. You should also ensure that you remember to always turn off the heat pump when not in use or when your home or office are empty.

  1. Manage Your Settings

Carefully managing your settings is probably one of the best ways of effectively using your heat pump. It, however, requires trying a few combinations before you identify the ideal settings for your environment.

Start by setting the thermostat to the temperature that makes you feel comfortable then leave it alone. Unlike older systems, you do not have to reset it again especially at night. Modern heat pumps are designed to maintain uniform temperature. Also, avoid using the ‘Auto’ mode at all costs! This might cause the unit to generate heat when it is not required to.

  1. Get It Installed By An Expert

Last but not least, you need to get professional help in order to get the best out of your heat pump. The advantage of using an experienced heat pump installer in Glasgow is that they are in a better position to recommend the most suitable unit for your space. One size does not fit all.

Need more personalised advice on which heat pump to install and how to use it effectively? Our specialists at Incognito Heat Co have a vast experience in the field and are happy to help you with any information on heat pumps in Glasgow or the surrounding areas.