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5 tips to bring corona-proof festival vibes into your home

Sitting at home because of corona is a bit of our throat. Travel is no longer possible, visits to friends and family are minimal and all parties and all UK  festivals have been canceled or postponed. But that doesn’t mean the holiday can’t go on in 2020! We looked at how you can still make it fun at home, without breaking the RIVM measures. Because if you can’t go to a party, then you should make it a party at home! How do you do that? Read it below with our tips to create a festival atmosphere yourself in times of corona!

Determine location

It helps if you have a garden. If you don’t have one, you can visit friends or family who have a garden big enough to continue to use the 1.5 meter distance rule. Does this also not work? No problem! A balcony is also ideal for practicing the following tips. Also no balcony? The living room is the next ideal place to implement the tips! Windows open and you’re good to go. Want to take it one step further? See if you can pitch a tent in the garden or even indoors. Pack your suitcase as you would for a festival and set up your tent as you normally would. The benefits: Clean toilets and showers and a fridge to keep your drinks cold!


When you think of the last festival you went to, you automatically think of the vibe. But how do you create a festival atmosphere? Order nice lights to hang up or take the Christmas lights from the Christmas box and hang them outside or inside! A nice rug on the floor, in the garden or on the grass also adds a lot. Who knows, you may have bought a nice rug at a past festival or trip that immediately brings extra nice memories with it. The ultimate feeling of relaxation is achieved in a hammock! Hang it outside on a tree or shed or tie it to the balustrade of your balcony. Or buy a standard, you can even put it in your house. A little creativity and you’re there in no time!


A festival is nothing without music. It is a fact that music brings atmosphere. I have bougt Quint Audio speakers for my parties. Different types of music have different memories that bring you back to those good times. You can just turn on the music inside your house, or use a bluetooth speaker that you can take outside. Don’t forget to inform the neighbors if you turn your music on a little louder than usual! Do you want to experience it together? Turn on a live stream of your favorite artist and arrange to listen to friends who do this at home. In the meantime, app each other and pretend you’ve lost each other in the crowd. But most importantly: dance as if no one is watching you!

Food and drink

Just like a festival is nothing without music, food should definitely not be missing. Are you organizing a day festival for yourself? Provide nice small snacks at noon, but in the evening you should really enjoy festival food: make a delicious burger with a nice fresh salad, put some nachos (with extra cheese because hey, you can spoil yourself) in the oven and make sure you have a nice special beer, ginger ale or whatever floats your boat. Not a kitchen princess? Order from your favorite restaurant to have it delivered at home!

Connect with friends

What festivals are mainly about: being together! Admittedly, being together is a bit more difficult at the moment than before. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own organized, corona-proof festival together! You can invite two friends to celebrate with you in real-life at an appropriate distance, but that’s not all. Do you have an internet connection and a camera? Get a live stream! Invite people on Zoom, Teams, Discord, Skype, there are plenty of platforms to connect with each other. We don’t do it alone! It is important, especially in these times, that we stay in touch with each other. It may not be possible physically, but this way you keep the connection! Share this article with your friends, so they can also create a festival vibe themselves and you will all have a corona-proof festival this year!