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5 tips for the design of your kitchen

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Or are you building a house and still looking for the perfect kitchen layout? With these 5 tips by professional kitchen installers / kitchen fitters you can avoid some crucial mistakes in the design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island
A kitchen island may be everyone’s big dream, but sometimes it’s just not practical to provide one in the kitchen. If you have a lot of space in the kitchen, then a kitchen island can be a great added value. However, if you have a lack of space, then such an island can only be a hindrance. The ideal island is between 2 meters and 2.60 meters wide and + / – 1 meter wide. If your kitchen is only 3 by 4 meters, you will notice that there is no space left for a kitchen island.

Storage space
A spice rack, a set of knives, a coffee machine, a kettle, a kitchen robot … All very handy, but they also take up a lot of space. Because they do not exactly have a standard size, they are sometimes difficult to store in a cupboard. That’s why you should keep it in mind when choosing storage space in your kitchen. Go for a few deep or high cabinets or choose sliding door cabinets specially made for this type of appliances.

Ergonomic kitchen triangle
The space between the cooking fire, the fridge and the sink should be measured to minimize your movement in the kitchen. These three are the ones you need the most while cooking. To avoid that you already take your required 10,000 steps while cooking, make sure they are in a logical place in your kitchen.

Although your sense of taste is the most important sense during cooking, you also need your eyes. Therefore, be sure to provide good lighting. We advise you to provide different types of lighting. First of all, you need to provide light directly above your workspace. In addition, practical lighting can also be very useful, for example, you can easily see what’s in your cupboards. Do you often eat at your kitchen island? Then some mood lighting makes for a cozy dinner.

Something that is often not considered when choosing a kitchen is the ventilation. If you’ve ever had something burned in the kitchen, you know that the smell can linger for a long time. And that’s anything but pleasant. A good cooker hood will capture that smell and the fumes while cooking. Keep in mind that you will have to clean and replace the filters once in a while.

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